The Barn Studio - The Making Of

In July 2017 work on The Barn Studio started. Originally horse paddocks, Indi (with the help of very efficient builders) converted the run down barn into a beautiful little studio.

The work started and within hours the paddocks were looking less like a home for horses and more a space capable for music making. After being swept and the cobwebs dusted, the dividing wall in the middle of the space was knocked down and the builders were beginning to strengthen the walls and level the floor. The insulation boards were fitted and our excitement grew as we started to see a proper room coming to life!

The building work was moving quickly and, after the walls and ceiling were plastered, the next thing we knew the electricity and speaker cables were being run and the sockets and light fixtures were being wired. The Barn had power! These were then painted a neutral grey / white and Indi then spent hours deciding what floorboards would be suitable for her studio. Oh the choices! Carpet or wood? Dark or light?! After much deliberation the flooring was chosen and fitted like a jigsaw puzzle! The Barn Studio had come to life! With the door and window fitted also, The Barn was ready for interior furnishings…

Over the next few months, Indi spent time building up the inside of the studio. With the speakers, table, sofa, curtains, fluffy rug and of course fairy lights in place, the studio space was coming together. Acoustic panels from the sensational GIK Acoustics were ordered and hung (check out the personalised image on the back wall), and more items were added (keyboards, microphones, cacti and studio dogs!).

But then disaster struck… in March of 2018 Indi walked into a FLOODED barn. The floor was one big puddle! Coming in through the ceiling, dripping down the beams, the rain was coming in heavy. With a week worth of sessions booked with a client starting the following day, Indi only had one solution and that was to reschedule and deal with the problem ahead. With the builders arriving in hours and the roof scheduled to be patched up the following week, The Barn was looking very sad.

Within a week the water had dried out and Indi was back in the studio working on a numerous projects. Live videos were being filmed, sensational voices recorded and lots and lots of editing to be done in Pro Tools. The Barn Studio is the home for Indi, founder of Indi B Productions, and is always being utilised for a variety of different services. Take a look below at what the The Barn Studio looks like now!